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Insights From Space

End-to-End Technology solutions that integrate people, processes and technology

Market Segments

Forestry and Agriculture

We provide comprehensive imagery for forest cover assessment and forest fire detection.

Deforestation and the degradation of forest resources  modelled using satellite imagery  based on information obtained from remote sensing data.

Multi-spectral satellite imagery are used to assess forest cover and foliage to manage our precious forest wealth and the associated bio-diversity.

 Orbit Australia has unparalleled access to the data from the latest Ocean monitoring satellite- Oceansat2. This enables us to give recommendations on potential fishing zones (which includes detailed depth, direction and distance), and estimation of water vapour content in the atmosphere. (OCM) payload aboard Oceansat can be used to monitor pollution of coastal waters as well as sedimentation monitoring and pollutants like oil slicks in the high seas.

Water and Ocean Resources

​Water and Ocean Resources

Land and Natural Resource Management

Our services includes Land and Natural Resource Management,Mapping and monitoring land and natural resources,flood plains, waste land mapping   Development of oil and gas exploration areas around the world as well as in the areas of oil spill mitigation and remediation.  We provide high quality multispectral satellite imagery for land and resource management for various clients through out the world.

Meet Amelia


Combines remote sensing technology and sophisticated
analysis pipelines to provide solutions to compelling problems of modern crop production,
such as increased pollination, protection, reduction in use of inputs and yield improvement.


Value added by ORBITFARM the data and analysis acquired is translated into higher crop
yields due to early pollen count and stress detection in crops, saving on water, fertilisers
and pesticides through variable rate application

Tree Counting Solutions  

Using Remote Sensing 

Providing accurate solutions based on 

Satellite Images


Terrestrial Photogrammetry

Why Naturopathy

Healthcare solutions 

Breathe Easy by making the Invisible Visible” providing real time contextualized location based air quality health data.

Satellite data is transmitted to servers / repositories in cloud- The data includes Vegetation Index, Weather, Wind, Rainfall, Climate patterns, Pollution, CO2 emissions, Celestial body positions, transits and forces, and many more variables, which are more significantly predictive than others.


Algorithms identify allergen-risks and make location based RISK PREDICTION.
The PREDICTIONS are sent automatically to registered users for their decision-making:



Aperture Radar


ML / AI Researchers

Asthma is a global health problem causing significant morbidity and has a major impact on quality of life (QOL) and health expenditure. It is estimated that 3.0 Million Australians suffer from Asthma and 4.5 Million suffer from Allergic Rhinitis. As many as 350 million people suffer from asthma in the world today. According to World Bank estimates, it costs the world’s economies US$5 trillion per year.

Thunderstorm asthma occurs due to a complex interaction of environmental and individual susceptibility factors. In November 2016, Melbourne experienced the largest known epidemic thunderstorm asthma (ETSA). We are developing the future of healthcare analytics using satellite technology.

Are you passionate about applying ground-breaking algorithms and machine learning techniques? We are looking for creative, innovative and intellectually curious and entrepreneurial Data Scientists to join to work on Asthma Exacerbation Analytics.Reliable, early detection of an asthma exacerbation is important to allow initiation of appropriate treatment.

Our mobile app records breathing over a period of time and analyses the recording for wheeze, cough and other symptoms.The major triggers of asthma are dust mites, pollen, mould, animal dandruff, air pollutants, smoke, etc.The engaging app also allows users to track important asthma symptoms, triggers, medication usage, location specific weather and environmental factors.


This is an exciting opportunity to work with large-scale data Insights to help answer specific questions globally, make more informed decisions and deliver results.

Skill Set : Pattern recognition, machine learning, respiratory sound analysis, digital signal processing and smart phone programming.


Meet The Team


Jacob Malana 

Space Engineer 
Business Management
Product Management


Victor Skladnev

Algorithm specialist

National Award for Engineering Excellence
Bradfield Engineering Award  Australia 2005


Charles Summers

Chief Financial Officer

0 (1).jpeg

Dr San Murugesan

Senior Fellow US NRC
NASA - IT specialist

​Over 250 international publications


Richard Schutte

Digital and Technology Innovation, Strategy, and Community Engagement


William C Horton

Business Leader/ Strategiist
Entrepreneurship, Innovation


Jo Joseph

Project Manager

Ajith M T

Software Engineer / Project Lead


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